Monday, 5 December 2016

Why I am a Reiki Practitioner

The thing about Reiki pretty much defies explanation.....

End of blog (hah!). One of the trickiest things I find about talking about Reiki is that unless you experience it for yourself, there are simply not the words to express the kind of feeling you get when in the Reiki ‘zone’, either by giving a treatment or receiving one, or giving the Reiju empowerments that are part of my reiki style and lineage when initiating students.

Some of the words that have been coming up when I think about what reiki energy feels like are peace, purity, magic, stillness, timelessness, pure awareness and sacred space. Reiki takes me to a place where all is good, I am totally connected to my inner self and it brings in a deeper sense of intuitive knowing that maybe I had lost touch with. It makes me aware of the vastness of life itself, the utter beauty of the stillest moment and the amazing creative power that we all have within us.

This pure creative power is a sacred tool for living and this is where Reiki energy takes you, to your own inner power and ability to create yourself anew, every day. The treatment session holds you in that space of peace and stillness, so that you might find your way back to a renewed sense of who you are and what you are about. 

My experience of reiki is that it ‘resets’ you, it is a resounding ‘hello again, where have you been all this time, let’s get on with life again’ sort of frequency, if you have gone off course for a while. It allows your own energy to starting flowing clearly again by pushing through the dark spaces and blocks and bringing in the light of your own energy, so that you are able to function better on every level. It is like one long, deep prayer or meditation, a gentle wakeup call to your spirit within to come out to play; his is one of the reasons I call myself a light player, and one of the main reasons I am a Reiki practitioner. For me, Reiki is a source of self empowerment, self love, spiritual growth, peace and joy.


  1. As a fellow Lightplayer I enjoyed reading your blog and totally agree with your words. An early morning re-inspiration for me. Thank you ��