Sunday, 27 August 2017

Do we find our spiritual way through the body?

It's important to acknowledge that, whatever methodology, spiritual discipline or healing technique that we learn, this is, of course, going to change us and how we then view our world. We learn to filter our experiences in a different way, depending on what new things we are finding out about. I feel it is important to continually review how we are processing our life experience and if we need to sit back and have a look at where we are coming from, energetically. If you are attuned to reiki and consciously want to learn more about yourself, there are some ways to do that, by exploring the Five Precepts for instance, which can assist you in learning about your individual healing process.  You will also find that many things will present themselves for you to deal with as you move along your healing path, sometimes they will be mental health/emotional issues, at other times you might have physical/bodily challenges that come up and reiki can of course help you cope with both of these.

In terms of energy and with my Reiki practitioner hat on (which is a gold hat with amethyst and diamonds on it by the way!) this is of course, mostly about setting intentions. With Reiki, we are setting a healing intention, that the reiki flows for the highest healing good of the recipient.  This is our energetic standpoint. At the same time, by doing this we are neither putting restrictions nor expectations on what kind of healing will arise when we channel the energy for someone else. So we can look at reiki energy as an unconditional type healing source that will raise the vibration of the receiver, creating an environment that promotes a healing response in both the energy and physical bodies. The physical body, which has its own intelligence, will use the reiki energy in the best and most efficient way.

I was listening to a popular spiritual teacher recently who stated, in his usual dramatic and jokily awe inspiring manner, that our consciousness is not on a spiritual journey, it is our body that is on the journey. Our consciousness uses the body to interact with the world, so of course, it makes sense in a way if we view the body as the spiritual explorer and not our soul/consciousness. As our bodies age and move through life, they are what have the ups and the downs, they get sick, feel pain, bear scars and are a road map of what we have been through and where we have been. What I found quite interesting as well is that he said that our body will take its own good time about when it heals and how it heals. We think 'we' our consciousness or soul is on the journey and ignore that it is in fact our bodies that are on the spiritual journey. What do you think about that idea?

Can we also measure our spiritual progress through the lens of our physical body? I feel that in some way, we can do that. I don't mean that, if you have an illness,  you are spiritually lacking or have failed. I do think the body can be a fantastic barometer however of our overall health both emotionally, mentally and spiritually and a good pointer of where we can start to focus our healing attention. Metaphysical writers such as Louise Hay have clearly put forward their ideas about the correlation that they have witnessed between certain emotional states and illnesses that arise in the physical body.

It is ironic to consider, that although we may have embraced and understood healing concepts and mentally we may have done the good work and feel good, the body will need time and patience in order to adjust energetically and allow the new perspective/subjective filter to be integrated. In this sense we are merely the directors and caretakers of our physical body, the body may not give us the instant results that we are hoping for in healing terms. This I feel is a sensible viewpoint to take, rather than expecting an instant, miracle body fix, we must be patient with our bodies and give them what they need without demanding that they instantly get well.

This is a good reason why after having healing attunements/ empowerments in a Reiki workshop, you are often encouraged to give yourself a typical three weeks or 21 days afterwards to let your new energy pathways 'settle in', to allow your body to re-calibrate and get used to the new energies it is receiving (as well as echoing the 21 day meditation retreat that Mikao Usui is said to have carried out on Mount Kurama).

As a student of energy and healing, it's important to realise that healing is a process. If we are serious about progressing, we need to be consistent and realistic with our discipline, knowing that at times we might feel we are leaping ahead and at others, the going is slower with whatever healing goal we are aiming for.  We can learn to make our meditations and self healing treatments a regular part of our daily lives, so that we are more able to feel the accumulated benefits that taking time for our practice of choice will bring.

We can take time to become more aware of and look after our physical bodies, let them have adequate rest and sleep, give them good, healthy food, nurture them with massage and keep them strong with exercise. By doing this, no matter what else is going on in the world, we can feel more centred, present in our bodies and more in charge of our own day to day reality. And our bodies, which are our personal direct spiritual feedback tools, will be sure to tell us how well we are doing that, as they are where the buck really stops.

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Zero Point Balance - A point of unconditional love

There is a wealth of information out there now in the Mind, Body, Spirit field, with the growth of the internet this has meant that information of all kinds has to go through a bit of an internal discernment filter when we look at it, as to how we feel when we read it. Whether we find it resonates (finds a compatible frequency within us) or doesn't. As spiritual or truth seekers we do well to question what we find 'out there' and give some time to how we feel about what some people call 'core' beliefs or foundational points of reference, our guiding principles and whether we feel they are serving us, are they outdated, do they need some tweaking? Have we taken a look at them recently, is there room for improvement, are we aware we even have any core unconscious or conscious beliefs that are shaping our lives and daily experience?

I feel drawn very often to ponder on the nature of unconditional love and what it really means to me. I find that when I am getting towards that state, I feel completely at peace, balanced and totally in the moment, allowing each event to unfold as it is, neither labelling it good, bad, dark or light. There is a total absence of judgement yet a healthier feeling of discernment and neutrality about my daily experience that is totally liberating and yet often elusive. I wonder if any of my readers feel this? I wonder if this means I am just a passive bystander, a detached observer or if my reluctance to engage in drama of any kind is a positive sign of spiritual progress? How do we measure such things anyway?

There are people who when we are around them, they really seem to press our buttons. We can go from zero, balanced point to incensed and irritated. These are normally people who know you very well and if they are wanting to, habitually try to provoke you or are in an unconscious pattern of doing so. The great thing about learning an energy healing technique such as reiki is that it helps foster an awareness of energy and how we can use it to help ourselves.

We begin to realise that only we are in control of our own energy and where we notice and direct it.  And since every person can be viewed as a mirror of a part of ourselves, any potential person we see an irritating or annoying can be just showing us that part of ourselves that we haven't totally come to terms with and are still meting judgement out to (this can be calling ourselves good OR bad) In acceptance of ourselves and our human experience, we can really get to grips with what we might look at that we feel is good/bad, dark/light, since it is, after all, just a matter of perspective.  An event that you might judge as bad, might actually turn out to be 'good' in the end and vice versa.

So, looking at things without judgement can be looked at as an immense freeing up of your personal energy in that you are letting things flow and not making yourself feel either happy or sad, depending on how you judge things. It is also a point of freedom as your feelings as not being controlled by circumstances outside of yourself. If you want to, you can still maintain a positive outlook, whatever happens on the outside.

The dance of life and energy is constantly changing and finding balance within that can be a daily challenge. If you accept what is, without question, if you accept yourself as you are now, without question, you can find an inner balance much more easily. This zero point, feeling totally balanced, feels like unconditional love for myself and my life. This neutral, zen like perspective is really helpful, although it may seem a little passive, it helps you to create what you want from life, rather than be at the mercy of circumstances.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Doing What Works

I know what I am supposed to be doing. I am probably supposed to be making an organised list of some kind, scheduling this or that, so that I can tick things off and feel accomplished. 

This is all well and good but no, this is my day off. I am going to do what works for me, which today involves having a lie in, enjoying a carefully brewed cup of tea whilst browsing an inspirational book on drumming. Phew, that's three things on a day off, on top of writing this new blog. At this point I am tempted to go off on a tangent, which I often do,but let's remain on track with what brings me to the theme of this blog, which has been inspired by a simple sentence in my drumming book.

We are just coming into my favourite time of year, SPRING! To be honest, I have a hard time in the winter months like a lot people, especially during January and February, I know I am not alone in missing the bright sunshine of other times of the year. So, I have to create my own inner sunshine to keep me going through the duller days. How do I do that? Well it's a mixed self prescription: listening to some of my favourite types of music, 80's soul, gospel with a bit of flamenco or opera mixed in; doing some yoga stretches; having lovely inspirational chats with other people's pets; doing some extra self reiki, maybe going for a swim, taking a leisurely walk in nature. Depending on my energy levels and what I feel I need, I might pick one or two of these. So I have to ask you, what do you find makes you feel more alive and happy? Take some time to reflect on that and if you have been allowing yourself some of that. Follow through on some of your ideas, maybe try something new. Is it your body, mind or spirit that is calling for some attention......what do you think you need at the moment?

So, coming back to the book I was reading by Michael Drake called The Shamanic Drum. In his introduction he says 'I practise Shamanism myself, not because I understand why it works, but simply because it does work'. Speaking for myself as a reiki practitioner, I understand fully why he has expressed himself this way; there are some things beyond our human comprehension or scientific enquiry, they are based on our experiences as individuals and cannot be measured or judged in any other way. Some things just seem to work for us, we have no idea why, they just do.  One translation of Reiki is 'mysterious spiritual energy'. This is such a good description because the wonderful feeling you can get when working with reiki is, really, a truly mysterious yet special one.

I love drumming and using reiki at the same time, the energy it creates is amazing and like nothing else I have experienced. I have always known I would love this way of working although I realise it's not for everyone. About 15 years ago I attended a personal retreat holiday on the island of Skyros and one of  the workshop leaders used a drum to lead a meditation. The sacred special atmosphere the drum's voice created is something I remember so well. It was on that holiday that I had my first experience of reiki too. Years later and here I am with a passion for drums and Reiki, who knew?

We can only really use what works for us as individuals and also acknowledge that of course, this may change as we evolve and grow. Reiki has been called a path of healing love that we can accept and grow with if we choose. It can help us be more of who we really are or get us back on track with who we are, if we have drifted off course. It can help us heal our relationship with our inner self and give us clearer personal boundaries, as we acknowledge the energetic realm and our place within it. It also helps us foster greater self respect and care. In doing this, we can find what really makes us tick (if we haven't properly understood that before) and what gives us the most joy.

So, Spring is now does your personal energy feel and where does it want to take you right now, just for fun?           #reiki #drumming #healing #shamanism