Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My Corona

I should probably start this blog entry off with the fact that, as far as I know, I do not have the Corona Virus. At this point, the UK is about a week or so into 'lockdown' or let's say restricted physical movement because of this virus that is slowly spreading worldwide. We are looking at six months possibly until things will slowly come back to normal, and then, it is predicted, we will have another wave of it, before it totally dies out. So, everyday life, as we know it, has been totally turned upside down for the foreseeable future. 

Sensitive people and certainly anyone who is an energy worker of any kind, will be feeling the fears, angers and frustrations of the collective energy around them. If you are particularly empathic, you will be aware of incredibly heightened energies being generated from the people that you are living with or who are in your personal energetic circle. Many of you will be sighing with relief at what they are calling 'social distancing,' as the actual physical distancing that this involves means that you are not sharing fields of energy with other people, which normally you would be more than comfortable without, anyway!

When you are using reiki or any energy healing modality in your life, the awareness that this brings can be very helpful. You come to realise the importance of energy hygiene as much as physical hygiene. However, in these swiftly changing times we are now living through, it becomes more important than ever for us to get into that state of balance, maintain our inner pendulum in neutral and ground our energy so that we can withstand this energetic onslaught. By taking care in this way, we can use this energy to help and stabilise others, who might be having a difficult time, either because they are living in fear of the future (rather than creating in the present) or sitting in the past, and not letting go of yesterday. 

We do, of course, need to attend to the very real practical issues that living through this lock-down will involve, taking reasonable and sensible precautions over hand washing, maintaining physical distance, making sure we are getting good nutrition and supplementing, if necessary with other vitamins. As we will be spending most of our time indoors, we must make some time (daily if possible) to include a physical exercise of some kind (ask your body what it needs every day) so that we remain grounded and aware of what our body is telling us (I have written another blog that talks about the physical/spiritual dynamic). Maintaining social relationships these days will now of course be through social media or the good, old fashioned phone call or letter!

Corona, the Spanish name, means 'crown' you will know. This virus is messing around with our crown chakra, it is making us look at the direction of our lives. We have this time (especially if you are unable to work) to take stock and reflect on where we would like our lives to go, when this is all over. It is also a time to reflect on how much we are sovereigns of self, in the small scale (within our relationships) and on a larger collective scale (in the way our community or country's government operates). How much do we rely on what we are told, rather than listening to ourselves? How much power have we given to others to make decisions for us, how much are we reliant on pleasing others, rather than leading our lives from our heart, with radical self honesty? 

This theme is particularly relevant to healers, who, at their best, listen to and support others in their journey, coming from a place of knowing just a little bit more about a particular life lesson. It is about allowing someone to find their own answers, with some help. 

Parents among you will know how important it is for the soul's you are guiding to make their own mistakes, and know when it is appropriate to intervene. 

We must take care then, in these current circumstances, to use our lights as warriors, not dictators. We must all wear our own crown and know that we are ultimately responsible for our own direction in life, our moral / ethical awareness and standpoints. Now might be a good time to reflect on these and see where we might make a few adjustments. The collective crown of humanity is, let's say, definitely a little rusty... time to get out the polish, clean up our acts and start envisioning a healthier collective future.

 Stay safe, look after yourself and remember to count your blessings