Friday, 25 October 2019

Allowing Reiki - Progressing with Reiki through the Precepts

One of the most instructive and wonderful reiki books I have come across is the revised published version of Hiroshi Doi’s A Modern Reiki Method for Healing, (Vision Publications, 2014). In it, Hiroshi Doi explains that when we take a reiki course and decide to use reiki in our lives, what we are really doing is allowing it into our lives, allowing it to work through us. The more we allow the reiki to flow through us, through our reiki meditations, treating other people, etc. the greater our potential for healing ourselves and others and attaining the 'personal perfection' that is mentioned in the reiki precepts. By 'personal perfection', I take this to mean the perfect, most authentic version of your soul's expression, not a paragon of virtue, or anything like that, unless, that IS you, of course :) 

What I have learnt is that reiki is all about raising your vibration, purifying your energy field and clearing energetic blocks that separate you from the source of reiki, universal energy. Where you believe the energy comes from is another topic (you don’t actually have to believe anything to experience it) but there an important element that is the attitude of allowing reiki to flow through you.

The degree of readiness that we feel may be hindered a number of different energies that would tend to divert, or distort the healthy flow of natural energy in our bodies that is our birthright. These are the energetic blocks and resistance that we need to try and clear in order to fully experience the wonder and good health that reiki can potentially bring, and the spiritual progression that it walks hand in hand with.

Some of the energetic blocks are caused by thoughts and beliefs that originate from low self esteem, or a sense of not being worthy to receive. They may also be caused by habitual patterns of self defeating thought that some call the ego or the devil on our shoulder.  We are all, of course, worthy to receive, it is just our perception that causes interference in the flow.  Of course, the wonderful thing about reiki is that in giving we are receiving and this creates a beautiful balanced energetic flow as the practitioner benefits as well as the recipient of the treatment.

I have often wondered why some people seem to progress really quickly with reiki and others take more time. We are all on different paths and what is true for one person will not be true for you, or it may only be a partial part of your truth and your healing progress. What we can be sure of, is that we will attract those people who will benefit us and reflect back to us what we are needing to work upon and what energetic blocks in the form of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs are coming up for clearance. 

There is a well-known channel, called Daryl Anka, whose helping spirit Bashar, says that “you are the only person in the room” This really struck a chord with me, it felt such an evident truth and one that we would be wise to remember! I take this to mean that the only reality we have is our own inner reality and by extension what we see around us is a reflection of that. If there are parts of that reality that we do not like, this brings the wonderful opportunity then to do some inner work and change that energy or vibration to one that is more to our liking and help us achieve greater well-being.

It is my belief that there are qualities or energies that people are in the habit of allowing that will help them progress faster on the reiki path. This is where the precepts come in but I would not limit practise to the precepts, although they are an excellent place to start. Two of the precepts are more about releasing energies: Do not anger and do not worry; these are important blocks that can lower our vibrations and hinder the natural flow of reiki. It is not just about trying not to be angry about something, it is more about releasing any anger that we may have stored within our energy system, from past or present imagined hurts or grievances, often by working out why we are angry, which often stems from an unacknowledged fear. The anger that lies within us can erupt or be brought to the surface by other people who hold or express an anger, often when we least expect it. It is the tiger we need to tame and transform.  Releasing worry, in this we are surrendering our need to micro manage our lives, not giving in to bleak thoughts about the near or distant future and trusting in a benevolent universe and our ability to handle whatever comes.

The three other precepts are more about allowing energies in: the energies of honesty, gratitude and compassion. The allowing is not just a passive allowance, not just sitting there feeling honest or grateful or compassionate (although this is a start, I am not knocking that) It is the active practise of all of these  that will really help to keep our reiki flow strong and pure and lift us to higher levels of awareness and vibration. So, I will give thanks for every gift I receive in physical form or otherwise, I will not let someone’s else’s mistake be an opportunity for me to profit,  I will be compassionate to myself by viewing others with understanding and love, helping them with discernment and objectivity when I can. We can expand this idea and work with other energies to enhance our lives, such as loyalty; tolerance and acceptance; stillness; sharing; joy; you can add to the list and pick which one you would enjoy and benefit from the most at any particular moment. There may be an activity that will bring you joy, a place where you find it easy to tap into stillness or an opportunity to be true to another person in sharing friendship.  Each one will shine like a facet in the diamond that is reiki or source energy.

By having in mind the feeling of “allowing” these energies to flow through us, we can start to harvest a rich and abundant future for ourselves, accelerate our personal healing and release any resistance to a healthy and meaningful life.

Lesley Sherlock