Tuesday, 23 September 2014

On the Power of Gratitude

I was listening to somebody speak about overcoming energetic blocks that we feel we may have and I had a bit of an aha! moment that I wanted to share. It was a deep remembering that made me feel grateful for the actual remembering and how wonderful the feeling of putting  it into action can be.  Actually it is a piece of wisdom that I feel I have always carried, known and practised whether knowingly or unknowingly and one that is reflected in reiki.  As I re-process the feeling, I can feel my heart energy expanding and this expansive ripple of energy creating even  deeper relaxation and peace. It is one of the reiki precepts and so it's a useful one to reflect on.

So here it is. Be knowingly grateful for everything. Just cultivate this attitude in whatever  you are doing. Just try this for five minutes, have a look around where you are and you will easily find something to appreciate or praise. I am exceptionally grateful for having come across Reiki and I will continue to practise it every day, in one form or another, either with a meditation or using it to treat my food, my plants, clearing energy in my bedroom (SHK really helps me sleep well) or to send to a person distantly who might be having a rough time. I am very grateful to have a computer that works well and does everything that I need it to do. I am so happy that I am finally living the country life with the beautiful outdoors on my doorstep. I could go on and on. I am going to get back into the habit of reviewing all the good or so called bad things that might have happened at the end of each and thanking whoever or whatever  for the gifts or the lessons, whatever they may be. For it is in acknowledgement of your day, reviewing it daily that you can really find a peaceful place. Being grateful even for the difficulties means you can view them in the light of learning  and acceptance and give you the ability to choose an improved experience by changing whatever you are able to change.

By remembering this precept, we can really feel our heart energy centre blossom! We start to feel  more open, more alive and more able to receive. By feeling gratitude it opens our energy up to even greater blessings that might come in any form and by appreciating all the good things we have, we create a sound base for more to arrive. And when we sense this,  that we have already more than enough, we can then share with others and circulate the abundance that is always within us. The reiki energy that comes from Source is limitless, so let it flow and let your heart blossom with gratitude for all that you have (and all that is  making its way to you!) Not only will it add to your happiness but it will add to your health too.