Saturday, 13 May 2017

Zero Point Balance - A point of unconditional love

There is a wealth of information out there now in the Mind, Body, Spirit field, with the growth of the internet this has meant that information of all kinds has to go through a bit of an internal discernment filter when we look at it, as to how we feel when we read it. Whether we find it resonates (finds a compatible frequency within us) or doesn't. As spiritual or truth seekers we do well to question what we find 'out there' and give some time to how we feel about what some people call 'core' beliefs or foundational points of reference, our guiding principles and whether we feel they are serving us, are they outdated, do they need some tweaking? Have we taken a look at them recently, is there room for improvement, are we aware we even have any core unconscious or conscious beliefs that are shaping our lives and daily experience?

I feel drawn very often to ponder on the nature of unconditional love and what it really means to me. I find that when I am getting towards that state, I feel completely at peace, balanced and totally in the moment, allowing each event to unfold as it is, neither labelling it good, bad, dark or light. There is a total absence of judgement yet a healthier feeling of discernment and neutrality about my daily experience that is totally liberating and yet often elusive. I wonder if any of my readers feel this? I wonder if this means I am just a passive bystander, a detached observer or if my reluctance to engage in drama of any kind is a positive sign of spiritual progress? How do we measure such things anyway?

There are people who when we are around them, they really seem to press our buttons. We can go from zero, balanced point to incensed and irritated. These are normally people who know you very well and if they are wanting to, habitually try to provoke you or are in an unconscious pattern of doing so. The great thing about learning an energy healing technique such as reiki is that it helps foster an awareness of energy and how we can use it to help ourselves.

We begin to realise that only we are in control of our own energy and where we notice and direct it.  And since every person can be viewed as a mirror of a part of ourselves, any potential person we see an irritating or annoying can be just showing us that part of ourselves that we haven't totally come to terms with and are still meting judgement out to (this can be calling ourselves good OR bad) In acceptance of ourselves and our human experience, we can really get to grips with what we might look at that we feel is good/bad, dark/light, since it is, after all, just a matter of perspective.  An event that you might judge as bad, might actually turn out to be 'good' in the end and vice versa.

So, looking at things without judgement can be looked at as an immense freeing up of your personal energy in that you are letting things flow and not making yourself feel either happy or sad, depending on how you judge things. It is also a point of freedom as your feelings as not being controlled by circumstances outside of yourself. If you want to, you can still maintain a positive outlook, whatever happens on the outside.

The dance of life and energy is constantly changing and finding balance within that can be a daily challenge. If you accept what is, without question, if you accept yourself as you are now, without question, you can find an inner balance much more easily. This zero point, feeling totally balanced, feels like unconditional love for myself and my life. This neutral, zen like perspective is really helpful, although it may seem a little passive, it helps you to create what you want from life, rather than be at the mercy of circumstances.

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