Friday, 23 September 2016

*Ahem*..... Thanks for the Mercury Retrograde...

If you follow Astrology at all, you will know that we have just been through what is termed a 'mercury retrograde' phase, when communications of all sorts get jangly, computers crash, we sometimes say things we didn't mean, things generally can go off course if we are not careful. With this being the last day of this current phase, it's a good time to reflect on how communication problems can affect us in our everyday lives and what we can do to help ourselves.

It seems as if lately all I see are articles and posts about difficulties with expression and communication and I would like to explore this a little in terms of how this can make us feel and what problems in this area can relate to. If we have a weakness in our throat area, I have found that this can not only relate to blockages in expression (this is an obvious one) but also the feeling of overwhelm and of not having enough time, resources or energy to accomplish everything we want to accomplish.

I am feeling also at the moment that lightworkers (or lightplayers!) are feeling more and more urgency in their missions and things are speeding up and moving at such a rate, it can get us a bit giddy, so it is just as well to take a look at what is happening within ourselves energetically and how we are coping with world energies, as well as those in our direct orbit.

Fifth Chakra colours in bloom!
In terms of spiritual anatomy of course, the throat is governed by the fifth chakra and imbalances in that chakra can show up in many ways and can have a number of different causes. Sore throats, neck tension/stiffness, coughs, talking incessantly or talking too little, not being comfortable with silence, these can all mean there is a weakness or  bit of an imbalance in that area. How our energy is operating in our energy centres in other parts of the body will also have a bearing on our energy in any one centre, as their is a constant flow within, without and between each centre.

The times we are living in are ones of accelerated consciousness and awareness and sometimes it is helpful to just take a step back and review how we are feeling on all levels and where we can improve things and stabilise ourselves. I am mentioning this because personally, I do find that when I am trying to do too much, I start to have issues in my throat area and it means I need to slow down and take life a little easier. So this is exactly what I am doing in one of my favourite activities, which is to write! I haven't added to my blog posts for a while, so I am energising things on this level. Very often we can get carried along on the wave of the needs and desires of other people, especially if there are many demands on our time. Another aspect of an unbalanced throat chakra is the feeling that we do not have enough, either of time, money, resources.... you name it, it will be felt very often in our throat area. So having a balanced energy centre here will help us to express and also to be aware of the richness already present in our life.

Lotus Blossom
So, as well as self treating with reiki for longer in this area and paying more attention to this energetic area in our meditation sessions, vocal toning, singing or chanting will also help to clear and balance the centre and this forms the latter part of the Lotus Blossom Head Massage that I offer as a therapeutic treatment, using toning to help clear the three upper personal chakras.

It's probably a good time to review what we do actually have (perhaps by having a physical clear out or declutter in our homes) or by acknowledging all the help and kindness we have received from others and keeping a gratitude journal to remind us of all the good that comes our way; another idea is to write little notes about all the good things that happen and save them up in a jar, to review later on in the year, at Christmas time perhaps.

As well as appreciating what we have (to make us ready for further good things and enjoy them), it is also a good to remember on the heart chakra level that we are deserving of them when they do arrive and to know that it is safe to receive what we have asked for (assuming we have asked for what we really want, which is another matter!) It is also useful, I find, to remember that even if we don't yet have what we think we need, it will find it's way to us, one way or another and we don't need to worry about the 'hows' as they say. So, as a final note, dear reader, stay open to what is winging its way to you, be happy with what you have right now, and, know that you will always.......... have enough!

In gratitude (but at the moment, with a bit of a cough, nevertheless!)


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  1. "Very often we can get carried along on the wave of the needs and desires of other people."
    How very true.